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Fact Sheet

Developer: HELM Systems, Florida, U.S.A.


Genre: Dark Fantasy, Single Player, Open World RPG


Platforms:  Windows PC, PC VR (Oculus Rift/Rift S,  Valve Index, HTC Valve, WMR)


Release Date:  TBD


Contact: press[at]


Twitter Game: @SoulKeeperGame


Twitter Developer: @HELMSystems


Engine: Unreal Engine




The SoulKeeper®: Chronicles is a dark fantasy open world RPG featuring three single player campaigns, each with a different protagonist with different gameplay mechanics, different but intertwining storylines, in three different large scale open world areas.

Play as a wise Lavordian monk named Isoropos, skilled in the art of magic, a broken but formidable Bethandrian ranger named Edwyn, or as Ulvar, a cold and calculated raider hailing from the frozen Baknochtarn north. While all three characters have their independent story arcs, at some point they must unite to face a dark shadow looming over Gerindak (the world of The SoulKeeper). They must unite and deal with Baron Von Krenaard, a dragon riding overlord who intends to obliterate all of Gerindak's empires and kingdoms. The game is story-driven with a heavy emphasis on player choices affecting the story's development as well as the final outcome(s).

In the game, players can freely roam the three different regions, and they can do so also with fully controllable dragons, horses, ships, all used for both traveling as well as combat. All interactions with the fictional world and its inhabitants are meaningful, regardless of the level of importance of a quest.

The SoulKeeper®: Chronicles is being developed from the ground up both for traditional PC gaming as well as for VR. The non-VR version will feature a 3rd person camera, whereas the VR version will beplayed in 1st person. Each version comes with the same storyline, characters, quests but different
gameplay mechanics and different performance optimizations.

While HELM Systems has not announced a release date, it has launched an official website for the game and encourages those interested in the game to subscribe for the monthly newsletters as well as join the game's Discord servers, so they can stay in touch with the game's development progress. More information available at the official website.


HELM Systems is an award winning and award nominated South Florida independent game & interactive software development studio, founded in 2005. Some of the company's most notable milestones so far include an Independent Games Festival award nomination in 2006, development of
its proprietary 3d engine SkyBreak, reception of an Unreal Dev Grant in 2017, release of The SoulKeeper VR Early Access in 2017, while it has also developed interactive software for other industries and has been recognized for its work in some of them, more specifically the aerospace industry, during NBAA 2015. Through the years HELM Systems has received worldwide online and print mainstream coverage, from media outlets including IGN, Gamespy, PC Gamer, PC Games, UploadVR, RoadToVR, VRFocus, PC Powerplay, PC Jeux, Eurogamer, PC Action, PC Zone and many more.







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