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Wearable Helmets

We know...you didn't expect this update to follow only a day after the last one ;)

Well, here it is, and what an update we got for you today!!

While we will be focusing on wearable helmets, if you go through the trouble of watching the vids posted later in this update, you will walk away with a much better understanding of the combat mechanics as well as more eye candy.

But let us not stray too far from the topic at hand, the helmets.

As we have been saying again and again, for us immersion is one of our top priorities. Sometimes we will throw features that have no practical application yet make the game more immersive, other times we will implement features that are both immersive as well as useful. In Early Access v.2.0 there will be plenty of ways to beef up your protection against your enemies. Shields, armor types, all will play an important role to how well prepared you are for a fight.

But what good is an armor and a shield if your head is vulnerable? In addition, since this is VR we are talking about, how about we take it a step further and make the different helmets you can obtain in-game wearable?

So yes, not only you can pick up them helmets, not only can you push up your overall armor stats and be better protected against your enemies, but you can actually wear the different helmets you come across. There will be a variety of helmets, each with different attributes, such as armor and durability to mention a few. You will be able to obtain helmets in more than one ways, whether you buy them or find them throughout your quests. And of course each helmet will look different both when you hold it/look at it, as well as when you wear it (first person view).

While we admit that just being able to wear a helmet in VR already makes the experience so much more believable, and got us pretty worked up and all excited, but there is more than meets the eye. In the following video notice how easily the player receives large amounts of damage (screen flashing red) without wearing any helmet, while once the helmet is placed on the player, the damage received is a lot less. Then we remove the helmet during combat (not recommended) just to show the amount of damage we receive again:

Wearing helmets in VR will limit your FOV (field of view) but that is done on purpose, as to fully emulate real life. We actually tried a bunch of different medieval and ancient helmet replicas ourselves so we can replicate the exact feel. We didn't want you to feel too comfortable when wearing a helmet, as it should be seen as a feature that is used only when the circumstances require it (e.g. large number of enemies).

Helmets certainly provide a significant amount of protection, but wearing one doesn't mean you become invulnerable. You can still receive damage while equipped with a helmet. And of course your helmet can only take that much damage before it breaks and becomes entirely useless. Once a helmet is worn out, it will break with the last blow and it will automatically be removed from your head, so always be mindful of the possibility of finding yourself exposed in the middle of a fight.

Screenshots and videos can't do it as much justice as wearing a helmet in VR, but we think they give a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Last but not least, here is a minute long video, showing some dual melee combat, along with some other surprises, and of course all while using a helmet!

As this is the 6th dev blog update in this format, let us know in the comments below how you like them so far, and which one has been your favorite up to now, as this would help us give you more of what you want with future updates.

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