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Portal back to safety

Hail virtual warriors and spellcasters!

Welcome to the second update blog in this series!

Today we are briefly discussing a new feature we have added in, one that we feel is of great convenience to the player.

Imagine yourselves in the middle of a quest, in a dark and hostile dungeon. You just managed to get yourself out of a difficult battle with two undead warriors. You won, but your health was depleted quite significantly. You have all the gold in the world, but you can't find any potions anywhere near, and you kinda need them right now.

Do not despair! You have been equipped with a special ring, which once touched for several seconds, will open up a portal that will take you back to your safehouse, from where you can ensure you heal yourself or take care of any other unfinished business you might have there!

Given the complexity and size of the maps in Early Access v.2.0, we found that such a feature can be extremely practical, besides the fact that it looks and feels cool to activate and walk through that portal.

The design is simple and seen in some of the best RPGs of the past, but it was more challenging to get it right in VR.

Our very first intention was that the player will cast a spell, by gesturing and drawing a symbol, much like spellcasting worked in early access v.1, however we quickly moved away from this idea. You see, in this upcoming version of the game, you will be playing as a ranger class, so you will have access to several types of weapons and combat styles, but not to magic, so it simply made no sense that you are able to cast even one single spell.

So we kept thinking, if you are not a wizard, but still need to cast a spell, what alternative methods could you use? What about a scroll! The player can have a scroll in their inventory and use it every time they need to open up a gateway back to safety!

Sure...that sounded better...for a while. Nonetheless, constantly opening up the inventory for something as important (and simple at the same time) as this, felt like it would be somewhat cumbersome to the player. Especially since our inventory doesn't open up with the click of a button (inventory will come at a later blog though ;) ).

So we kept thinking...what if the player can touch an object they carry on their person, something easy to find and accessible, yet without being in the way? And that's when we came up with the idea of using a magic ring for that very purpose! It could justify the player's access to magic (even though the character is not a wizard), while it is easy to find, easy to access, and not getting in the way at all.

Rest assured we didn't want our players to spam the mechanic, so there is a required regeneration time prior to being able to respawn the portal from your ring.

Stay tuned as a lot more updates will be following based on the same format, covering all kinds of cool and interesting topics, including of course combat and so much more!

Coolest regards from the entire dev team!!

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