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In-game Literature

Hail virtual warriors and spellcasters!

This is the first of many Dev Blog updates that will follow between now and the release, not only for Early Access v.2.0 but also for any following updates all the way to the full release. For several months now we have been working hard, restructuring the entire game, rendering it unrecognizable since the first version that was released in August 2017. After months of intensive development under the radar, we feel now it is a good time to start sharing more information with all of you who have been patient enough with us while we kept quiet.

The first thing we would like to share with you today is some information on the significance in-game literature will play.

As you freely roam through the highly detailed environments of our world, you will be coming across different forms of literature you can actually use in-game.

There are several applications for this mechanic, some related directly to the gameplay, others related to the lore.

We have been designing The SoulKeeper® IP since 2002-2003, and as a result we have such a vast amount of painstakingly detailed lore in our universe, ranging from environments, cultures with their histories and mythologies, secretive and non-secretive organizations, individual heroes, villains and other figures and so much more, that we could literally write volumes upon volumes of books, based on this information alone.

In truth, this being not just an early access title (presently) but also a VR title, renders it a lot more challenging for us to fully realize a version that covers the vastness of our universe, as we would in a non-VR 200+hr version that this IP deserves and has always been ultimately aiming to become. Yet we have often been vocal about how VR presents an opportunity to create a much more immersive realization set in this same vast universe, to the point that perhaps this medium ultimately one day becomes the most effective way to share all that fiction with you, but it is too early to know at this stage.

In any case, we feel that VR presents us with a unique opportunity to share some of the vastness of this fictional universe, not only through the raw gameplay and character interaction or storyline through the quests, but also through virtual literature. As a result you will find books you can actually pick up and take as much time as you want to read, and in the process discover a little bit more about small parts of the huge world of The SoulKeeper.

We have developed a system that allows us to have as many books as we want, each with as many pages as we want. Virtually speaking, we could have full books with hundreds of pages each. But of course we have to be practical about it, so instead we will divide bits of lore and information into books that are no longer than a couple of pages each. Some books will feature 4 pages, others 7, others 10, and so on and so forth. We are still filling the world with such books, so rest assured if reading is something you enjoy, or if you are eager to discover more about this universe's lore, then there will be plenty of material to satisfy your urges. But naturally, such activity won't be a requirement to complete quests. We understand some of our audience is more inclined to fast paced action, thus we would not want to disappoint them by forcing them through such a process.

On the other hand, there will be some in-game literature, be it a book or a scroll or a parchment with some notes, which will facilitate you in proceeding with your quests, be it a solution to a puzzle or a useful hint about some NPC's whereabouts, or perhaps even a map pinpointing the location of a secret treasure! So picking up literature and giving it a quick look, is certainly encouraged, but rest assured such "important" literature will be placed in such a manner, as to facilitate all types of players to find it.

Finally a short video to show you the mechanic.

Stay tuned as a lot more updates will be following based on the same format, covering all kinds of cool and interesting topics, including of course combat and so much more!

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