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In-game Drinking

Hail virtual warriors and spellcasters and welcome to the fifth dev blog update!

We have always felt that immersion is among our top priorities with our game. We believe in achieving it through many different ways. Realistic graphics and detailed environments, detailed interactions and mechanics, detailed sound design, believable characters that feel alive and so much more.

In the above statement you probably noticed one word being repeated again and again...detailed. We feel that the secret to building an immersive world is within the details. Sometimes some of these details might be insignificant, or have no purpose other than to satisfy the need for eye-candy or other times to satisfy the need for having fun.

Today we discuss one such "useless" yet -in our opinion at least- fun feature, a feature we feel adds a little bit more immersion in our game. That feature is in-game drinking. Some might feel it is a waste of time to implement such a feature, others might be quick to judge it as "bad influence" to the audience, but in truth it is all much simpler than that. We felt that if you walk into a medieval tavern or a similar environment, you should at least be able to pretend you are having some mead, just for the sakes of being able to do it. We feel it adds that little bit of immersion to such an environment, and in VR it feels as if that is even more necessary than it would in a non-VR game.

We feel there is value in being able to pick up a bottle and a mug, and be able to pour some wine from the bottle into the mug and then be able to gulp it all down once you bring it close to you. Does it give you any special abilities? No. Do you gain anything in terms of game advancement, such as XP points or gold or some other reward? No.

Its sole purpose is to give you one more fun and simple way to interact with your environment, one more small tool to allow you to Role Play (!! :D). So you want to pour a drink into your mug and drink from it? You can do it. You want to drink directly from the bottle? You can do that too. Just don't overdo it (on second thought do go ahead and overdo it ) or you will feel the side effects. If you have too much to drink, you will get virtually drunk, and yes the world will look differently (if your gut is sensitive with VR in general, we strongly do not recommend getting drunk in the game, much like we wouldn't recommend getting drunk in real life :) ). Curious what getting drunk in the game looks like? Check out the video below:

Even though we feel this is one of these mechanics that players get excited about at first, try them a couple of times and then grow used to them and end up pretty much ignoring them for the rest of the game, we feel that it is worth the extra work we had to put into it, as once again, immersion is among our top priorities.

So, we hope it is a feature you will have have a couple of laughs with, all while it makes you feel our virtual world is even more believable. Till the next update then and cheers!!

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