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Hunting - Part 1

Hail virtual warriors and spellcasters and welcome to the fourth dev blog update!

Today we are discussing some of the activities you can perform on the side, more specifically hunting. There are several aspects to hunting in the game, so we decided to split it into different parts and today we will take a closer look at the first one.

From the start we wanted to offer a large, open world environment. It is not an easy goal to reach, not only because of all the technical challenges this presents -even moreso in VR- but also because of the design challenges it brings along.

Sure, you would love to be in a highly detailed environment in which you can travel miles upon miles, admire the breathtaking views as the sun's rays cross through the leaves of the trees to cast a golden light over your highly detailed and carefully crafted equipment, all while listening to the exquisite soundtrack of birds singing, hearing the streaming river nearby get louder as you get closer, only to hear that at the end of that stream there is a waterfall, all complemented by a relaxing and pleasant musical soundtrack, but is that enough?

The answer -for us at least- is no, this is not enough. Certainly the various quests will be keeping you busy for hours upon hours, but what if you need to catch a break from questing? And what if that break can still be more than a sightseeing tour of the detailed environments we are putting together for you? What if that break can be interactive?

We feel that interaction is one of the basic components of Virtual Reality, as well as interactive entertainment (see what we did there), but it shouldn't be there, just for the sake of being there. It has to have a purpose, be useful, all while still being fun (although sometimes perhaps cruel).

Traversing through the vast landmass of the forest we are preparing for you, it became quite obvious that an interaction between the player and the wildlife within the woods was necessary.

As you can tell from this update, as well as from an older twitter post (if you aren't following us there, please do so, from time to time you'll catch details about the game that might not have made it anywhere else ;) ) we will be featuring ranged combat in v2. We won't get into the details of the ranged combat mechanics in this update, but rest assured that's coming soon as well. So having a bow and arrows in your hand, all while walking through dense forestation, filled with wildlife, led to the easy conclusion of hunting becoming a feature in the game. You can hunt different kinds of wildlife, and it does have a purpose other than just mindlessly targeting and killing AI. Different kinds of animals, will provide you with different kinds of resources, all of which can be used in the game to some purpose.

Today we briefly showcase the player hunting for deer, as well as rabbits.

Don't be fooled by the passive nature of the animals in the above media, not all wildlife will be there waiting for you to take advantage of it. Some of the animals will be fighting back!! But more on that on a next update :)

Until then stay tuned as a lot more updates will be following based on the same format, covering all kinds of cool and interesting topics, including of course combat and so much more!

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