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General Development Update

Welcome to another Dev Blog update!

We know, we know, it has been a while since July 12th... However there's a good reason for that.

We know you've been craving some new screenshots, or even better, some new videos, and all these are coming very soon, but today's update is about bringing you up to speed with why we have been quiet since the last dev blog update.

All these months since our last update here, our team has been working harder than ever, at insane speeds and quality. Sure it doesn't feel that way when looking in from outside, but worry not, before the year's out you will know what all this hard work was about. That was a fancy way of saying, you will find out more this December!

In the meantime, just to give you an idea of the amount of work our team has been putting in, in the last 2 months alone we have implemented over 300 fixes, new features and updates. Our Trello board is on fire! Speaking of which that's what graciously covers today's header image, all the blue labeled posts are part of the fixes, updates and features that have been done in the last couple of weeks alone. Sorry for the bluring out of the trello image, but again, December is around the corner, and so are the details that will come out about the game.

Being a small team sometimes brings up the dillema, whether we should put time and energy into the development itself, or somewhere else. Naturally we know an equal amount of time and energy to all aspects is ideal, but more often than not, things are not ideal, so prioritizing makes all the difference in the world, and the last couple of months were all about prioritizing quality as well as quantity on the development front, hence our PR front was a bit left behind.

Nonetheless we have been working even on that front, and we have come up with a plan that will allow better communication, more transparency, as well as more involvement, and most importantly more fun interaction with all of you supporting us and sticking around to see where this goes.

So with that said, it is time to bring this short update to an end and get back to work, so that in December we can share with you all the exciting things we have been working on so hard!

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